About Me

CJI am so in love with Jesus! My life has never been the same since 2008 when I got to know and accepted Him as my personal Lord and Savior. Things became lighter and I have a better perspective of what’s in store for me in the future, for I know He only has good plans for me.


I still miss the mark sometimes but because of His unmerited grace which is freely given to me, I don’t let myself stay where I fall. I know He’s always there ready to pick me up, and continue on my walk with Him.


I made this blog to share with you, my friend, how is He to me in my everyday life. After all, it’s not about me, but Him! Through this blog, I pray that somehow, by His grace, I can be of encouragement to you and those who will stumble upon this site. Let everybody know that He is Lord and He reigns supreme over all the earth!


In the future, probably, I might invite some friends to contribute to this site. So, keep on coming back!


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